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Welcome to Glen Eyre

Imagine living in a magnificently appointed, luxurious, 2 bedroom 2 bath residence that is accessible from a spectacular and secure, formal lobby with elevator service. Or…living in a well-appointed, two story townhome with a private entrance, 2 bedrooms, a den, 2 full baths and a powder room. Each townhome residence includes a one or two car garage. At Glen Eyre, experience and enjoy bucolic wooded areas, high-end amenities including an extraordinary planned private Club House* complete with a state-of-the-art fitness room, meeting room with coffee bar, flat screen TV’s and Wi-Fi. A lovely outdoor pool compliments the Club House.

A commuter’s dream, Glen Eyre is ideally located with easy access to Routes 42, 73, I-295, I-696, the New Jersey Turnpike, the Atlantic City Expressway and the PATCO high speed rail. We are also located within close proximity to Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Airport. For the ultimate living experience, an incredible amenity package and the convenience of an outstanding location, select Glen Eyre Apartments as your next home.

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Never miss a workout again. The gym is now just steps away.

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Perfect for relaxing on those hot, summer New Jersey days.

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Complete with coffee bar & flat screen HDTV’s.

  • We enjoy living at Glen Eyre! We feel safe and secure here. The apartment has large windows that let in a lot of light. We love having a garage, and there is adequate storage space. The kitchen is a delight to work in, for there is plenty of counter space, and there is more cabinet space than many private homes. The staff responds quickly to any concerns we voice. Snow removal was promptly done this past winter, and the landscaping company keeps the grounds looking lovely.

    Kurt MonroeAttorney
  • This complex is clean, quiet, secure, and energy efficient. Management is personable and responsive. Common areas are beautifully appointed and maintained!

    Anne FosterTeacher
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More Community Features

& More Reasons to Love Glen Eyre

On-Site Management

Our management is on site to help you in the event you need us!  Glen Eyre knows its important to have access to help when you need it.

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Handicap Accessible

Our properties are accessible to handicapped tenants with ramps and convenient locations to improve living quality.

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Close proximity to NJ Turnpike, routes 42, 73, I-295, I-676, The AC Expressway & The PATCO High Speed Line

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Professional emergency maintenance with 24-hour, 7 days a week service

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Oversized Walk-In Closets

With custom built laminated shelving in the master bedroom. You will never run out of room for your wardrobe!

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Individually Attached Garages

Step out of the door of your car directly into the door of your home.

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Choose from many luxurious floor plan options

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Things to do, places to see…

Contact Us

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